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Understanding another point of view and learning from it

What does the world look like having grown up in Iceland, between fire and ice? Let's find out by talking to Icelanders who will explain their vision to us. And we, Spaniards, we will transmit ours to them, understanding that the world is different depending on where you look from.

We have already talked about Education and the Northern Lights. Tourism follows and soon We will start an “Icelandic Film Club” and an “Icelandic Book Club”. We wait your proposals to select and activate more initiatives always with an eye in Iceland from Spain.

By participating in our activities you will soon discover that Iceland is a world discover and, who knows, maybe you will get close enough to Iceland to understand the deep meaning of “Zetta-Reddast”.

Para saberlo, tenéis que cumplimentar el formulario de inscripción y acompañarnos en nuestro viaje. Zetta Reddast, ¡Os esperamos!

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DEBATE: TOURISM. Vision from Spain / From Iceland

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The latest figures indicate that last year 85 million tourists crossed the Spanish borders. Almost two tourists per inhabitant. This is a very high proportion. But Iceland, with two million visitors, received six tourists per inhabitant. Both countries are world leaders in tourism. With its positive and negative aspects. An important topic to address to know the different perspectives and vision that Spain and Iceland have of this phenomenon and industry of great importance: Its current reality, its possible evolutions and what would be desirable.

The contrast of visions will undoubtedly be very stimulating.

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What does Zetta-Reddast means?

First lesson: Education

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